Commercial Water Well Drilling

Do you need experts to help you locate water sources, manage commercial water well drilling, and even help sell excess water?

The Primary Water Resources team’s main focus is to partner with those in need of water and to optimize their high volume water well drilling and resource options.

Beyond commercial well water drilling services we can help improve water quality through various water remediation technologies including water filtration systems.

Do you want to create a water monetization partnership that helps you turn your well
into a profitable revenue stream?

Our team’s experience in dealing with water districts and other water distributors includes legal support to negotiate long-term water sale contracts. We have found that water partnerships can open up a whole new way of thinking about water resources for our customers.

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Water for Agriculture

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Water for Water Districts

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Water for Large Water Users

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Water Remediation Solutions

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Water for Real Estate & Developers

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Agricultural Land with Available Water

At Primary Water Resources our mission is to secure water resources.

We work with private land-owners, municipalities, and government agencies to help supplement current water supplies. Through our partnerships with leading water and soil remediation companies we can clean soil and water resources.  We fund these projects through the generation of solid investment opportunities. The goal of these efforts is to generate long term water stability and access to to clean affordable water through the development of  Primary Water Resources.

Need help with more than industrial water well drilling, be sure to have a look at Suite of Services in the navigation bar.


“Andrea constantly amazes me – her boundless energy, astounding intellect, and dedication to building a better world through effective, scientifically-based programs that better the ocean through integrative, multi-sector, collaborative programs. I am honored to consider Andrea a close friend and colleague and can’t recommend her highly enough.” Alissa Sears

VP Strategy & Navigation, Christie & Co.

“Mike’s explanation of the distribution of water on the earth’s surface, in the soil, and underlying rock formations gave me the confidence to drill a new well. I no longer had to guess where to drill the well. I had the well drilled at the depth and location Mike indicated and the water was where he said it would be.

I was pleased with Mike’s work and I am happy to recommend his services.”

J. Lee

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