Meet the Primary Water Resources Team

Industry leaders in water development, science, and business.


Edwin F. (Ted) Moore

Ted has owned (E.F. Moore & Company) since 1977, and has developed 35 shopping centers with over 3 million square feet of space throughout California. He is also co-founder of Simpliphi Power, Inc. 2000-2008, Ted was an exclusive developer and broker for Longs Drugstores, completing 25 different projects for them in Southern California.

  • Business Development 60%
  • Real Estate Development 20%
  • Water Infrastructure Management 20%


R. Harwood (Woody) Beville

Woody is an active co-creator and backer of high-impact radical innovations dedicated to accomplishing the impossible. He has been a Founder and/or Chief Executive of several companies; Refounding a Bold America, Blue Planet Groupe, Kaonetics Technology, DirectGene, and Rouse.

  • Business Networking 50%
  • Business Development 40%
  • Real Estate Development 10%


Mike Page

Mike Page is an expert hydrogeologist and agricultural specialist. He has a USC degree in Geology and has been in the field for over 40 years. Mike has located over 5000 wells with an accuracy rate of 99%. He is also Co-Owner of Page Family Farms.



  • Water Sourcing 70%
  • Water Infrastructure Management 20%
  • Agricultural Development 10%


Gordon Neal, Ph.D.

Dr. Neal has over 45 years experience in Avionics management and engineering; He has grown two companies from a $5 million USD per year programs to high quality $125 million and $250 million USD per year programs respectively.



  • Technology Development 70%
  • Business Development 20%
  • Business Management 10%


Andrea Neal, Ph.D.

Over the last decade Dr. Neal (“Dr. Dre”) has become an innovator in disruptive businesses that help protect, preserve, and monitor our natural resources.  Dr. Neal takes a systems approach to problems, integrating multiple disciplines and networks to develop solutions for international social and environmental water problems. In 2011 She Co-Founded and was CEO of Blue Ocean Sciences, LLC.


  • Business Management 60%
  • Technology Development 20%
  • Water Security and Safety 20%


Tim Hall

Timothy Hall is an educator, historian, naturalist, humanitarian, ecologist, a silviculture and agriculture advisor, an animal lover, a craftsman, and has been described by some as a true Renaissance Man. He has traveled the world helping communities become sustainable through permaculture.



  • Permaculture 80%
  • Business Development 10%
  • Communication 10%


Megan Havrda

Megan holds a Masters degree from George Washington University’s School of Business and Public Management, and has two Bachelors degrees in Ethnobotany and Alternative Medicine. Megan has built several companies from the ground up, such as Be Green Packaging, The Adventure Capitalists, and Ellipz Lighting USA.

  • Business Development 70%
  • Marketing 20%
  • Green Initiatives 10%


Robert (Rob) Wickens

Rob is a highly focused executive team member skilled at identifying opportunities to increase revenues and position companies for continued sales and/or investment growth. He has been a founder of 5 companies and advised multiple board of directors in marketing and business development over a 20+ year career.

  • Marketing 40%
  • Business Development 45%
  • Business Strategy 15%


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