Where traditional and modern approaches combine to create
climate resilient solutions


We help developers and large water users create and implement new sustainable water resource plans.


We help communities create water resiliency plans and help them implement them. We build on existing data using modern approaches to help communities find new water sources and develop climate resilient safe yield plans.


We help farmers become independent from high water price increases and heavily reduced allocations through development and delivery of new sustainable water resources.

Resourcing and Developing Water Resiliency

At PWR we have been utilizing our expertise in chemistry, engineering, geology, and business to develop climate resilient water solutions that build on existing methods by integrating modern scientific and engineering techniques and technology to reduce risk and update water management systems.

Why PWR?

Based in Ojai, CA our team lives, learns and solves real world water sustainability issues.

Free Consultation

Finding solutions for your unique situation takes an open mind and listening. We work to created lasting relationships starting with a conversation.


The time is now, the challenges are real. Water is already at crisis levels for many communities. We must create our own resiliency today!

Concerning Facts

Water Reservoir Capacities

Lake Piru
Lake Cachuma
Lake Casitas
Lake Nacimiento

Data updated 11/18

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